Welcome to MEGAMYST, a site dedicated to the reanalysis of megalithic mysteries found globally, based on the travels of Hans Messerschmidt, to Peru in the fall of 2014, and then onto Egypt in the spring of 2016.

This site is dedicated to the adventures I went on with clients Brien Foerster of “Hidden Inca Tours” (hiddenincatours.com) and Patricia Awyan, Yousef Awyan & Stephen Mehler of the “Khemit School of Mysticism” (khemitology.com)—to explore the ancient sites of Peru and Egypt in search of evidence of lost technology, advanced machining and “the velo supernova/halocene/younger dryas cataclysm” of 10,500BCE, that abruptly brought our planet out of the last ice age, destroying much of the life on earth in the process.

The sites in Peru we visited included the Lima National Museum, the Lima Larco Private Museum, Cusco, Chinchero, the carved Cave above Cusco, Tipon, way above Tipon, Sacsayhuaman, The Red Fort above Q’enqo, The Volcanic Labyrinth of Q’enqo, Valley of the Wizards, The Inca Gate, Ollantaytambo, Naupa Iglesia (very sacred site – lets keep it that way!), Moray, the 1000+ year old, but still functional salt mines of Maras, Machu Pic’chu and more… Sadly, many of these sites are slowly being roped off, but despite the ropes I took great photos of the evidence mentioned above and found evidence of Egypt, Indo-Chine, and other historical examples that seem very out of place in 2000+ year old royal “Inca” burial sites. Please enjoy what I posted on this site of my adventures in the field, as I did. I left Portland, Oregon with 100 questions and my BS meter in full tilt, and returned with the BS meter shattered and over 1000 questions including many high octane speculations…

The sites in Egypt were even more mind blowing. Here we were joined by egyptologist and guide Mohamed Ibrahim, and our resident geologist Suzan Moore.  Egypts ancients sites use more of a square cut style than the more organic cuts found in Peru at high altitudes—both have the same precision and both the incredible feat of moving huge blocks and massive tonnage from far away quarries to the sites where they are found today. We traveled to Cairo to see the Giza Plateau, the Cairo Museum—where after 25+ years they are allowing photography again. The Aswan Quarry, Philae and the temple of Isis, The Nubian Village, Abu Simbel and an early morning balloon ride, Kom Ombo, the temple of Edfu, Abydos, the Ramesseum, the colossi of Memnon the temple of Hatshepsut, the temple of Hathor and the Osirion, Karnak, Luxor, the Tombs of the Elders, the Red Pyramid, the Bent Pyramid, the Step Pyramid and the Sound Hospital, the Serapeum, and then back to Cairo to see the Sphinx, the Valley Temple, and 2 hours inside the Great Pyramid, including all chambers. 

Both trips have opened my mind to the amazing megalithic mysteries of the past. Much of what I have seen predates the historical period assigned to it, in both Egypt and Peru, as it is obvious that a multitude of cultures have usurped older sited for their own, and even quarried the sites to build new ones. Considering in Egypt that the land has been continuously occupied for 5000+ years—why are they still digging stuff up and assigning these finds to newer times rather than older?  These and many more questions need to be asked… Welcome to MEGAMYST!







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