After Lima we flew to Cusco, at 11,000+ feet. An amazing Spanish city built over a much older site, which recently was “re-discovered” when the city installed fibre optic cables under the grand central plaza. While digging down they discovered a downward traveling megalithic stair case and wall 4-5 meters under the main square and through-fare. We were lucky to get photos of this before it was covered back up again (see first 3 photos under the Quoricancha gallery).

While in Cusco, our group stayed at the centrally located Hotel Ruinas (the ruins), blocks from the central plaza and megalithic sites, and just under the site of Sacsayhuaman. Daily we would receive heckling by Martha Washington, a local garment seller, and her trinket gang, who seemed to know when our bus would arrive every time. The calls of “you promised to buy, you remember me…” heard amongst the gang as we exited the bus—Quick everyone hide!

Our first experience in Cusco was meeting indigenous shaman and healer, Wilco, who gave us a close to 2 hour ceremony and blessings and tastes of the sacred brew. I have posted photos of his colorful arrangement of shamanic tools.

From here most of us checked into the hotel, but Brien, Yousef, Patricia, Stephan and myself went to discover the wall of green andesite Sacsayhuaman style blocks, and the famous stone of 12 sides. The wall stretches around the north, east and south sides of a building built over the original structure. Through observation it looks clear that on the north sides of the wall, there is a pealing or disintegration of the andesite… begging the question, what destroys andesite at a molecular level – time? micro-wave bursts from the sun, aeons old stone eating lichen?

The image on the left is the archeological view of the wall, the image on the right is the reality that the blocks are solid all the way through back about a meter (partially shown here).

The south walls, similar to other sites in Peru and Egypt, are all blown out by great force exposing the interlocking and solidness of the stones all the way through the walls. The historians tell us that the stones in this wall and other walls are only fit dressed at the front and the rest is infill, but seeing that the stones are cut to fit all the way through, as solid blocks, changes this theory quite a bit. Not only are they cut all the way through, but they are also cut rounded so that each piece fits curved into the next piece for an even tighter fit.

GALLERY 1: Cusco Wall

We then visited the Quoricancha, now a church that has been preserved as a museum with amazing fitted walls, tunneling, drill holes, strange doors structures and a shoddy model with thatched roofing, something obviously not a part of the original construction, but how a later civilization usurped the site. We feel this is more evidence of inheritance, and not the original creation. However as none of us lived in the times of this creation, be it 800 years ago or 2,500+ years ago. Luck be it we have engineers, machinists, geologists, stone masons and miners examining these sites—I tend to listen to their field of expertise vs. the elaborate imagination of an archeologist or armchair historian who do not have these backgrounds.

Who were creating these buildings and rock cuttings, when and why? they were not cut with bashing stones and bronze chisels as shown in the historical records—these tools would not even dent the stone they are trying to cut as proven in a youtube video entitled “Copper Chisels, Superstitious Belief, Egyptology And Fake Nose Jobs.” – ( They were not formed, they were not molded, poured, cut by aliens or melted and purposely vitrified as popularized in “new age” theory—but then who and what is cutting these with such precision?

GALLERY 2: Quoricancha





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