Saqqara Pyramids


Yesterday we went to the red pyramid, the bent pyramid, the step pyramid and the “hospital” system, and the serapeum. Unbelievable! there are some curious holes and “key-stone cuts” at the bent pyramid as well, and someone made a stone labyrinth at this site out in the desert…

We were abel to go down into the red pyramid which had 3 vaulted chambers, the third bending around to the site suggesting a second row of vaulted rooms headed back towards the entrance. There was a ton of broken stone pottery at the step pyramid that dates back to 2500BCE some 4000+ years old. Just before we left we were caught up in a decent sand storm.

At the serapeum we descended into the bedrock where 28+ chambers are cut off of a central path way and house 100+ ton boxes perfectly aligned north. The challenge at this spot is how the bedrock was cut out, there is no evidence of torches darkening the ceiling. Once the tunnels were cut, how did they move the solid granite boxes into place and lower them into their alcoves. 100+ tons would take 3500 people to move and there is no room in the tunnels for this many people, let alone getting more than one row of people around the sides of each box. As the abandoned box at the beginning of the tunnel suggests

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