The Sacred Cave

Outside of Ollayantaytambo up a secret valley and 1km up a cliff of shale rock trail, is an Inca house tucked away under a rock and above it in the upper sections of the rock is a cave. The cave has 2 intriguing structures, one is the first thing you see when you get up there and it is a wall that has been removed completely to a flat surface and then 3 insets have been cut out of it with perfect somewhat perfect 90 degree corner cuts and perfect removed back walls? There has been a posting of size to angle ratios also included. When you turn around you see the alter or megalithic waterfall catch that some genius decided to try and blow the top off of with dynamite thinking there was gold inside (solid rock). I felt, seeing a similar fountain shape at Ollayantaytambo that perhaps this was to catch water falling from the top of the cave in a ceremonial fashion, but what its true purpose is for is anyones guess. As we are about 25kms from any power outlet, this was not done in modern times, but it is clear the 2 styles are not quite the same but reflect the structures of the sacred valley and the interesting rock removals. I feel there are more caves up above, but the trail getting up there and the time to do so did not present themselves.

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