This place could have been a astrological site, or an acoustic resonance site (but for what purpose), or an agricultural site, or a ceremonial site, or all at some point. However on second and third analysis it was more likely strip mining in the past that was repurposed into agriculture, but again speculation. As an astrological site, it is very well located to observe from many angles the stars moon and sun as they pass over head. As an acoustic site, one can stand in the center and whisper aloud and be heard at the top of the site—would have been great for ceremonial purposes. But the fact that there are 3 similar sites here makes it feel more like an agricultural site. All of the soil drains downward through the rocks and out the under side into side valley water ways. An amazing site regardless.

I have also posted Anthony Frick’s video of Yousef playing his flute at this site. You can hear me whistle a few times from across the circle as sound carries very well here.

Although I didnt take a lot of photo at this site, I did take video walking around I will upload at some point.

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