Welcome to the Lima National Museum and the Lima Larco Museum, which is built on a pyramid in Lima, now privately owned. Both have out of place artifacts (ooparts) “found” in Peruvian burial sites and other archeological sites.

As we are told in school, the ancient cultures were isolated, thus the Isolationism theory. However in these museums we clearly have artifacts that could be of Egypt, Sumeria, and Indo-Asia. Interestingly I believe in Tanis in Egypt there is a script depicting “the way to the land of many houses, (Par ooo in Khemitian) from Khemit (ancient Egyptian empire) is across 4 waters”, which could have either been the Nile, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Amazon (or they went down around the cape of good hope and across the Pacific, both routes show promise)…

We have a headdress similar to that of Amun found in the Larco museum, as well as other out of place objects. There is a vessel for water with a Mastadon on it? this animal did exist in Peru, but before the Halocene event 11,500 years ago. There is also a depiction of a dragon, which is more of an asian motif. Many other interesting artifacts as well as Kama Sutra poses, somehow I missed this room (thanks Ernie).


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