Cusco Cave

In a rarely seen cave, a few hundred meters up a hill from a winding road under Sachsyhauman are the most amazing ancient cuts and removals. The cave itself, which seems to have been split in massive earthquake, has been sculpted with table top flat surfaces, and a canal for water to flow down. In this picture with Brien pointing you can see the carved water channel snaking away through where the cave split. There were 3 large chambers all above each-other and then the main entrance (I am standing in the second level chamber taking the photo). Here was the first impressive evidence of ancient technology at work; whatever was plowing through the rock at great speed, rotation of vibration, was also polishing it, as it skipped along the surfaces.

Below the cave is an amazing rock outcrop that has been cut into and is very weathered by water, however at this altitude, it is nearly bone dry most of the year. As I am not a geologist I can only speculate what damage has been done here by observation, but in the matrix of decay you can clearly find 2 saw marks that happened before the decay and on the backside there are several weathered false niches.

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